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Friday, October 1, 2010

My September 2010 Gratitude List

Make Time for Small Reflections
I'm not sure just why I chose to publish my gratitude lists at Happily Retired Gal way back when (rather than here at Small Reflections) ... especially since the coding demands there makes the task so challenging each time I do it, but I seem to recall sharing August's list here as well. Methinks I'll continue that practice (at least for as long as I continue to maintain a 'sidebar' gratitude list here) ... so here's September's list as I begin a list for October.

Thank you Joy

September - 2010
1. my Explorer is ready to hit the road again next week after having some maintenance work completed today.

2. for a productive morning at home followed by a pleasant afternoon with my sister ending with 'fish tacos' at Duke's ... delicious day & dinner!

3. the sun's breaking through earlier again this morning after a couple of overcast days here at the beach.

4. a lovely lunch with a good friend, the kindness of strangers, learning to use Skype today and helping someone else get started with Skype too.

5. that I discovered and am participating in a
Festival of Change at Online Clarity.

6. I watered the yard deeply in anticipation of the trip and that my neighbor will feed Ms. Kitty in my absence.

7. I'm packed & ready to drive to Phoenix, AZ tomorrow with my sister where we'll spend the next 6 days.

8. that Molly loves to visit Camp Ilene when I travel & can't take her with me ... for 4 additional free Buttermilk Spice muffins from Mimi's Cafe to bring with us ... and that
my sister wanted to stop at the Cabazon outlets yesterday because I found an excellent 'deal' on a lovely white bag at the Brighton store.

9. to be attending the Your Purpose Summit with Baeth Davis this weekend even though I'm thoroughly confused at the end of the first day's sessions.

10. Barb encouraged me to attend the VIP party last night even though I felt overwhelmed because this morning clarity has come through my journaling and I'm ready for what comes next.

11. for yesterday's 'private analysis of my hand' along with the many people I've met who have helped me figure out my 'purpose' and the book I'm going to publish with the help of the people at Vervante.

12. for some 'down time' Sunday afternoon to relax around & swim in the pool at the resort & spa after the event ended ... finally!

13. for the delightful & surprising ways things fell together on the drive back from Phoenix. It's good to be home again.

14. for emerging clarity about the books I'm going to publish & the business I'll begin based on them.

15. all 8 of the domain names I wanted were available at GoDaddy so I bought them all ... and I've connected with a website designer I met last weekend who I'm hoping will develop my site with me so I can devote my attention to other things.

16. Michelle at GoDaddy 'tech support' called this morning and helped me set up 'LabyrinthJournal.com' to be hosted at Wordpress as a 'site under construction' with an email attached to it for 'business' purposes clear signs of progress.

17. for a good night's sleep and breakfast out with a friend this morning since I've not yet gotten myself to a grocery store since returning home from Arizona on Monday.

18. I've created a new place to playfully share stories online called Giraffe Journals and hope you'll want to check it out & play with me there ... just because.

19. a friend told me about the Surf City Surf Dog contest at Dog Beach this morning ... it was great fun and I took lots of photos to share, but for now ... here's a 'kewl' YouTube video is from the Los Angeles Times:

20. for visitors to my new self-hosted blog,
Giraffe Journals at WordPress who left supportive, enthusiastic comments as I step out into this virtual world to be known ... just as I am.

21. for all the wonderful resources coming my way to help with this huge transition in my life.

22. to know I'm changing in small but significant ways each day as I step into my future ... pursuing my purpose passionately!

23. I'm one of the first six to sign up for the six-month Get Your Book Done Live training with Christine Klosur & Lynne Klippel. That means I receive a free one-hour 'coaching' call as a bonus in addition to big savings on the cost by paying in full up front!

24. for people like Marianne Williamson who inspire millions to step up & take meaningful actions ... making a difference. I highly recommend watching this interview:
mashable on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

25. for a pleasant lunch & visit at Z' Tejas with a friend this afternoon ... sharing a delicious enchilada entree & yummy skillet cobbler dessert!

26. for 'Rick' at GoDaddy tech support who exhibited great patience and resourcefulness in assisting me with 'access' issues at my new self-hosted Giraffe Journal site last night after I changed the URL earlier in the day.

27. for a lovely afternoon at the Lyceum Theater viewing 'Alice' followed by dinner at Mimi's Cafe in Newport Beach with friends yesterday. Life is good indeed!

28. I spent the morning on my front patio writing & occasionally visiting with passers-by while Molly played with a new neighborhood puppy named Guapo.

29. to get my hair cut today ;-)

for the Women on Purpose Online Telesummit ... the first 3 calls have been filled with useful information!

FYI - My previous Gratitude Lists can be found at Happily Retired Gal, my new WordPress site. It is my intention to keep this 'Daily Gratitude List' in my sidebar indefinitely because I believe it makes sense to focus on what's right in our lives regularly. Click for:
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