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Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Morning Musings

Make Time for Small Reflections
After being greeted with a 'blitz of spam' on more than a dozen old posts from someone named John who seems to be pushing a site that sells drugs to enhance sex life of men (now hopefully deleted forever by me) ... I've published a brief Haiku, Morning Musings about WordPress & shared three new awards at my new Happily Retired Gal blog already this morning, so I hope you'll drop by when time permits.

Apparently, according to Chris of Give Me a Hunger (whose post I found in the Blog 365 Megafeed this morning), Blog Comment Day is coming. The goal is to make the Blogosphere a more 'conversational place' ... and that's something I can get behind.
I quote Chris here:

"It’s another one of those events by John Smulo … and is in 2 days (Dec 3rd). Pretty simple concept - there are only 2 rules:

  • You will leave one comment on at least 5 different blogs.
  • Out of the 5 blogs you comment on, at least 2 of them will be blogs you haven’t commented on previously.

Usual rules apply - leave a comment on the John’s blog here.

I found this at Kitten's on a Monday last month (after returning home from 'Retired Ladies Lunch). These results have been sitting in my drafts folder since then. Since it's already 11:30 this morning and I've not yet posted, I'm going with it ... just because even though I may be having a totally different color day today ... although now that I read my results again, they DO seem to 'fit' the morning I've had!

You Are Having a Blue Day

Today is the kind of day that challenges you to the core. You're going to have to stay cool.

You have the intelligence, skills, and drive to rise to the occasion. Your mind is sharp.

While things may be a bit chaotic, you are still taking the time to reflect and be calm.

Today you are extra attractive and interesting to people. You are giving off a detached vibe, which is very intriguing.

If you decide to take this quiz
please leave your results in comments
or a link to where I can find them on your blog.
Small Reflections ... Smile Back

Thought for Today
"Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind."
Mary Ellen Chase


Akelamalu said...

Apparently I'm having a Yellow Day
Today is a pretty great day for you. How could it not be with your optimistic attitude?
You are very inspired right now, and your creativity is at its peak.

While you are on top of the world today, be careful. You may be more fragile than you think.
As long as you don't let yourself get too worked up or over-stimulated, you'll be fine.

Linda said...

You Are Having a Brown Day

Today you are your normal responsible, serious self.
You're getting done what needs to be done. And you're not too worried about how you're feeling.

While you're all business, you are still warm and approachable.
You are busy, but you're not too busy for a little fun down time.


I've been working on my blog and doing laundry. Not very exciting.

I've also had people comment a commercial on an old post. How annoying!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning Blog Comment Day!

I took the test and am having a Blue Day like you.

Sandee said...

I'm Having a Green Day

You are approaching today with a good deal of balance and awareness.

If you didn't pay attention, today could be like any old day. Nothing too exciting is going on.

But for you, today all about making the most of each moment.

You are seeing the beauty in every situation, and you're keeping your mind open to possibilities.

That was fun. Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hi Storyteller! I think I must have visited you over the course of time saying exactly what I'm going to say now. I have been meaning to say hello because your
name comes up often on other blogs
I visit. I've been meaning to drop by! :))
It sounds like an interesting concept; Blog Comment Day. Will have to follow it.
I took the What color am I quiz, and I'm having a green day.
It really does sound like how I've felt today. That was interesting!
Take good care, Storyteller! It's always fun bumping into you this way. :)) Petra

Maude Lynn said...

Okay, Storyteller, this is getting weird! We always get the same results on these quizzes!

Faye said...

Like Linda I'm having a Brown Day. At first I was put off because I haven't felt "brown" today, but then read the description and it's okay!

Most weeks I try to spread commenting around. Some blogs I read every day and comment because I enjoy the back and forth. Others I try to encourage, if the blogger seems in a rough place. And then, I try to find some new blogs that appeal either by subject or writing style and comment. The longer I blog the more i realize how important it is to comment.

Kayce aka lucy said...

it's violet for me. i have had this crazy purple theme following me around for a couple of months now.

kitten said...

I tried and tried to have a green day, but I always come up orange. LOL! Thanks for the Linky love!

Karen said...

I'm supposedly have a yellow day--I'm on top of the world, creatively at my peak, inspired and optimistic.


I'm actually pretty grumpy, tired, bummed that Mark had to leave for work before either Nathan or I got up, bummed because it looks like he'll be late tonight as well, and just generally disgruntled.

Actually, I feel better having admitted it...maybe the day will turn around now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to me about Blog Comment Day; unfortunately I was completely out of it and not able to do anything yesterday (was in the hospital due to some seizures Mon night) until today.

According to my test results, I'm having a green day but some of the values weren't exactly reflective of how I felt this morning being in the hospital... :)

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