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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings #26 and more ...

Make Time for Small Reflections
I'm counting down to my
1st Blogoversary on October 22nd
in just 10 days ...

Click for ...
Camera Critters, Photo Hunt, & Smiley Saturday

I'm participating for the 26th time today.
How about you?

What comes to YOUR mind?

If you'd like to play here, copy and paste the clues in comments along with your responses ... or post on your blog and let me know so I can visit ;--)

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Zoo :: logist
  2. Neighborhood :: Mr. Rogers
  3. Salute :: greet or honor
  4. Immortality :: Celine Dion and the Bee Gees ... click to hear it now on You Tube
  5. Dominion :: book by Matthew Scully
  6. Rhonda :: aka Chuck at Foster Me Up
  7. Parties :: celebrating special events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, etc.
  8. Prince of Darkness :: John Carpenter horror film
  9. Garbage :: in ... garbage out
  10. Standard :: 'banner' or reference point
Your turn: I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Zoo ::
  2. Neighborhood ::
  3. Salute ::
  4. Immortality ::
  5. Dominion ::
  6. Rhonda ::
  7. Parties ::
  8. Prince of Darkness ::
  9. Garbage ::
  10. Standard ::

Click for others 'muttering' today.

Found at One Gal's Musings ... and I admit I felt a bit surprised at my results until I realized that I have learned (over the years) to take better care of myself and ask for what I need more often, so perhaps this Blogthing is correct after all. How about YOU?

You're Part ...

You know that a girl's gotta work it to get her way in the world.

And while you aren't about to throw a tantrum at every turn...

You do amp up the drama when you know you need it.

You mix charm, honesty, and kindness to get ahead.
Are You a Diva?

If you decide to participate in 'Unconscious Mutterings' and/or take the 'Diva' Quiz, I hope you'll either share your results in comments and/or on your Blog and leave a link to your blog so I can read your results. As an incentive, I offer the following award to enjoy and share with others as you wish ... just because.
Small Reflections ... Smile Back
Thought for Today
"We have met the enemy and they are us!" Walt Kelly, Pogo, 1971


Rayne said...

I liked your mutterings, too. They are a lot of fun. I'm going to keep my eye out for them so I don't miss the next set.

Mike Golch said...

Great mutterings. I'M doing this one and thanks for the award.

Monique said...

Finally a match for Prince of Darkness. =)

Have a good week.

kitten said...

Great post! I loved and agreed with your answers 1-3 and loved the video!
Here are my answers! I chose the 1st 3 of yours, but going to try to change it up a bit.
Zoo :: animals
Neighborhood :: noisy
Salute :: Honor
Immortality :: eternity, everlasting life
Dominion ::Control or the exercise of control; sovereignty
Rhonda :: Clark (a very nice lady I know.
Parties :: candle
Prince of Darkness :: Satan
Garbage :: Things we carry around that we should just let go.
Standard :: A means by which individuals are compared and judged

Here are my results for Blogthings:
You Aren't A Diva
You don't like to cause a fuss or draw attention to yourself.
You're easygoing, and you can even put up from diva behavior from others.
This makes you everyone's favorite trusty companion.
But watch out - it could also make you their favorite doormat.
(OMGees! That is so me!)
Have a blessed day!

The Gal Herself said...

Share your diva secrets! How do you "amp up the drama?"

Anonymous said...

ahahahahah - You are part Diva! :) Great mutterings. I hope all is well in your world.

Deb @ Sugarfused said...

Another Mr. Rogers answer!

Hope you're having a great Sunday!

Betty said...

I enjoyed reading the answers to your meme as I usually do.

I like your thought for the day. I always enjoy reading those when I visit you.

Joyce said...

Good Afternoon, Storyteller,
Here are my unconscious mutterings:
1. Zoo ::It's all happenin' at the zoo
2. Neighborhood ::good neighbors
3. Salute ::gesture of respect
4. Immortality ::everlasting life
5. Dominion ::Canada
6. Rhonda ::one of my good friends
7. Parties ::birthdays
8. Prince of Darkness ::Satan
9. Garbage ::Horror movies
10. Standard ::Azure Standard (That's where I order my bulk foods.)
Thanks for the cute graphic. :)

Mary said...

Enjoyed your mutterings. Here are mine.

Zoo :: ology.
Neighborhood :: Watch
Salute :: military
Immortality :: Forever
Dominion :: of Canada
Rhonda :: ?
Parties :: political
Prince of Darkness :: satan
Garbage ::dump
Standard :: of living

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

Have a great week.

RW said...

Thought for the day is spot on!

Unknown said...

Garbage in and garbage out? What's that about? And Prince of Darkness was a Carpenter movie? Did I miss one? :)

threesidesofcrazy said...

I seriously love the garbage in garbage out and the Mister Roger's answers - great answers. Have a good week.

Unknown said...

Nice mutterings.

Mine are ::here::.

Have a relaxed week.

Tink said...

You're right; your mutterings are quite different! Except for the Prince of Darkness indeed. :)

Martha said...

Loved your answers. Funny we both put Mr Rogers for neighborhood :-)

Ivanhoe said...

Nope, I'm not a diva:
You don't like to cause a fuss or draw attention to yourself.
You're easygoing, and you can even put up from diva behavior from others.
This makes you everyone's favorite trusty companion.
But watch out - it could also make you their favorite doormat.

Faye said...

Okay Storyteller--here's my mutterings. In the wrong place on your blog, I'm sure!

zoo-Scotty our 18 month old elephant is a celebrity--in People Mag.

neighborhood--Summit Court's the best, we care but leave each other alone

salute--any care giver

immortality--I don't worry about so much, life on earth is good

dominion--not me for sure!

Rhonda-do Rhonda Rhonda, get 'er outta my heart

parties--not my thing

prince of darkness--where to start?

garbage--most daytime talk shows

standard--easy to have, hard to live up to

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